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Quickly create tasks that get learners thinking

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Use it anywhere, on any browser to create unique iPad activities.

Learners use the FREE app to download your created activities.

How do I use the Thinking Kit?

  1. 1. SEE EXAMPLE ACTIVITIES by downloading the FREE app
  2. 2. TRY CREATING AN ACTIVITY in the Thinking Kit Creator and generate a code
  3. 3. SEE YOUR ACTIVITY in the FREE app by entering the code, then do the same on learners’ iPads

Thinking Kit in under 3 minutes:

What is the Thinking Kit?

It is a quick, simple way to create iPad activities which are then downloaded from the cloud onto learners’ iPads. The activities help learners develop higher level thinking and collaboration skills while they build knowledge of any chosen topic.

What is a Thinking Kit activity?

The educator creates small pieces of information (text, images or both) which can be on anything.

They also set a task goal, some instructions or a question – which determines what learners do with these pieces. As an example, they may need to group them, put them in an order or arrange them on a custom background.

Sample Thinking Kit app screenshot

Why use the Thinking Kit?

  • EASY: Create unique iPad tasks using a simple, web-based tool
  • VERSATILE: The pieces of information in tasks can be on anything, with any goal
  • QUICK: A code is assigned to your activity, which learners enter in the app to download it - no worrying about copying or sending files
  • DIFFERENT: Learning by visually moving, grouping, and linking information and ideas
  • COLLABORATIVE OR INDIVIDUAL: The app is designed for working in pairs but can be used solo too
  • SKILL-BUILDING: While learners understand the information, they also develop collaboration and higher level thinking skills
  • REFLECTIVE: Special tools encourage the process of reflection as a single learner, an educator, a small group or even a class
  • SHARE: If you want to, you can give colleagues and fellow educators your activity codes to try for themselves

What is included with the Thinking Kit?

The Creator

Form icon

Template: Asks for typical things which make up an activity then lets you do the rest.

Form icon

Design toolkit: Pieces of information can be images, just text or both. They can be different colours, have colourful borders and even the activity background can be an image or colour.

Upload icon

Cloud based: When you’ve created your activity, you get a code to give to learners so they can download it in the app. You could also share this with other educators too!

Support icon

Support: We are here to help. Creators can email us with any issues, questions or suggestions they may have.

The App

Thinking Kit icon

Mini toolkit: Helps learners make sense of the pieces of information with different tools. They can link them with sticky tape, sort them into groups or write some notes.

Users icon

Multi-user option: The app is specifically designed for learners to interact with the screen at the same time, on one iPad.

Playback icon

Reflection Stage: This is an interactive playback of the session. Reflect on and explore completed sessions anytime.

Reports icon

Reports: Simple but informative PDF reports of sessions, which can be printed or shared.

Why have we created the Thinking Kit?

We have a special interest in how technology can support the development of collaboration and higher level thinking skills. While these are important skills, we also know you may be under pressure to cover certain topics or meet certain guidelines. This is the balance between helping learners improve knowledge as well as their ability to collaborate, communicate and think.

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